Life Groups

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Life Groups at Ragland have become an essential and important ministry. Life groups provide a more intimate and private outlet to fellowship with others that share similar life experiences and challenges in life. Life groups pray together, enjoy and learn God’s Word together, serve, and enjoy a closer fellowship.  These groups typically meet a couple of times a month during the standard school year.

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Branded Life group

Sundays @ 9am

We believe Heart and Mind Discipleship will be a powerful resource. Research consistently shows that Christians today are living lives largely indistinguishable from non-Christians. While people are hungering for the transformation that comes from believing in Christ and receiving the Holy Spirit, too many believers never experience that change. They often don’t fully understand issues of grace, humility, repentance, or even whether or not they can trust the Bible. This program will help each participant better understand their conversion and then understand how to grow in spiritual maturity and exercise their faith over the course of their lives.

Branded is a class for young adults & young families.
Class Facilitators: Josiah & Lindsey Donaldson Jon & Karen Wirsing

Harwood life group

Second & fourth Sunday's @ 6pm in the parsonage

Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven will answer and clarify the most important questions Christians have about their future eternal home. If you have had questions about heaven —especially about how to get there — Let Pastor David Jeremiah help you close the gap between what the Bible says about heaven and what you know. This series pulls the curtain back— to the extent Scripture allows—to reveal the glorious and utterly amazing realm of heaven. It will transform your perspective here on earth!

Class Facilitators: Ed & Judy Harwood

Check out our Men's & Women's Life Groups

Wednesday's at 6:30pm

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